Seller’s Info

Considering a Sale?

We will need several items of information to properly value and market your property. Please review those items that apply to your property.

1.  Production records for 3-5 years.

2.  Age and rootstock for the grove with detailed planted acreage.

3.  Agricultural water source and cost.

4.  Irrigation system details.

5.  Wind machine details.

6.  Any equipment included.

7.  Any survey information available.

8.  Environmental concerns.  Buyer may ask for a Phase 1 Environmental Report.

9.  Potable water source.

10.  Age and condition of the homes and outbuildings.  Any code violations.

11.  Consider septic inspections.

12.  Consider pest control inspections.

13.  Any other relevant information that may affect the sale.

14.  What have you enjoyed the most about living here?

15.  What is the most important thing your agent can do for you?

Please contact me for a confidential review of your property.