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Scott Dunbar acquired his love of the land at a very early age, a passion that led him to careers in farming and in real estate where he is known as the premiere Realtor/Broker of Ventura County ranch land.

Scott inherited his love of the land from his parents, who purchased, lovingly restored and sold Mediterranean style homes on the Palos Verdes Peninsula area where he grew up. The family retired to the Central Coast where they continued the same techniques in the area rich with ranch and rural properties.

After college, Scott’s love for open space took him to the Central Valley of California to start his career in agriculture. He soon doubled the acreage of his initial 24-acre apple farm investment as he tested and refined his skills as a grower. Scott’s interest in agricultural expanded into equipment used by farmers and growers and he handled his own ranch while helping others manage their equipment needs.

So successful was Scott in helping farmers and growers that within a few years he purchased a competing equipment enterprise, Exeter Welding and Supply, and added equipment design to his offerings.

But seven years later his Southern California roots lured Scott away from the Central Valley and he liquidated his holdings to move to Santa Paula, right in the middle of agriculturally rich Ventura County, offering the perfect climate for business and living.

Scott opened Scotcan Company just blocks from Santa Paula’s historic Downtown to provide farmers from a wide area with custom design, parts and services for all types of farm equipment, a business that flourished for two decades. Scott was recognized as a talented and community-minded businessman who was as comfortable with wielding the gavel as the Rotary Club of Santa Paula President as he was in explaining the not always obvious nuances of outfitting a successful agricultural business. 

Having conquered several careers that involved farming and ranching, Scott realized his forte was his appreciation and love of the land, his ability to assess farmland and his wide network of landowners.

His wife Cynthia, a successful Realtor with deep roots in Santa Paula, encouraged Scott, who needed little prodding, to enter the real estate business.

Scott proved to be a natural in ranch and land sales, using his high ethical standards, eye for detail, imagination and knowledge of renovations as his guide. Within two years Scott earned his Broker’s license and became one of the premiere ranch and land brokers in Ventura County.

Scott knows and appreciates his sellers, buyers and properties and is a master of marketing. His unique approach to marketing includes a strong Internet presence, his wide Broker network, inclusion in specialized publications, an extensive database of properties, sellers and buyers as well as his natural friendliness. Scott remains active in the community and is highly respected by all who deal with him, whether in real estate or volunteering for charitable events.

Scott has facilitated more than 100 ranch and land sales, ranging from “Mom and Pop” farmers to the world-renowned Limoneira Co.

Please Feel Free to Contact Me (805) 358-6644.

Scott Dunbar